Sharon Peacham
First Appearance
Dallas, Texas
Mckinney Peacham, Bozeman Peachman
Portrayed by
A former beauty queen with a sugar tooth, lovable Sharon Peacham's life is now centered on cooking fabulous meals for her husband and children. Emotional Sharon tends to stuff down her anger at knucklehead hubby Zack with Texas-sized snacks and nervous eating.

Not helping the Peacham's rocky relationship is the fact that Sharon's old competition in the teen pageant world, Amanda Vaughn, has returned to Dallas. Back in the day, Amanda told the pageant judges that Sharon wasn't a virgin -- ruining her chance at the crown. To make matters worse, Amanda was Zack's high school crush! Don't you worry; Sharon will make sure that Skinny Minnie Amanda stays away from her man at all costs...

She is the creator of "Losing it with Jesus", a diet plan based on meals from the bible. She went for help to Gigi, to transform her into a "Stopper girl" in look for being perfect promoting her diet plan, but it all went wrong.

At the end of the series she is found in business with Cricket.