Cricket Caruth-Reilly
First Appearance
Dallas, Texas
CEO of Caruth Industries
Portrayed by

Cricket Caruth-Reilly was born into one of Dallas' richest families. She is tough-as-nails and powerful to say the least. Being an only child, her father constantly reminded Cricket that she, as a girl, wasn't strong enough to run the family business. Cricket put her Daddy in his place by taking over his company and tripling its worth.

Back in high school, she was part of the popular, rich crowd until Amanda wanted Cricket's boyfriend Bill Vaughn all to herself. Amanda spread one single vicious rumor that sent heartbroken Cricket on the fast track to Javelina-ville.

Cricket has the best unconventional marriage in Dallas with strapping husband/BFF Blake, signature fist bump included. But Amanda and hubby Blake are old pals; something this icy-blue businesswoman isn't thrilled to be reminded of when the Fox rolls back into town. Cricket will be dammed if Amanda takes over her side of the fist bump...